Call for papers: Special issue on Health, Technology, and Behavior Science

Health, Technology, and Behavior Science: A special issue of Perspectives on Behavior Science edited by Valdimar Sigurdsson, Asle Fagerstrøm, and Gordon R. Foxall

Call for Papers

The special issue on health and technology is intended to provide timely reviews of research programs that integrate technological innovations and behavior analysis. Conceptual, review, empirical, methodological, and practical contributions are all appropriate. Papers are invited that are relevant to health behavior and that employ technology such as mobile apps, wearables, the Internet of Things, social media, online experiments, virtual reality, glucose meters, observational technology, machine learning, eye tracking, retail analytics, or other technology that can gather, store, and/or analyze individuals’ behavioral, physiological, and geolocation data. Authors should strive to advance behavior theory with datafication of important health behavior, as well as embrace critical standpoints and ethical considerations.

Submission inquiries are encouraged and should be sent to the editors at,, or