Healthy food labels are a widely used form of intervention that nudges consumers towards healthier choices. This study investigates the relative importance of healthy food labels on the consumers’ online choice of grocery. A conjoint study (n=111) shows thatprice, brand, and country of origin had a relatively higher impact on choice than health food labels. […]

This study investigates the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) services from a smartphone app in a retail grocery shopping situation. It examines four variables, namely price, expiry date, quality indicators and offers. All four variables were examined in relation to two levels; traditional information and IoT services. A scenario was arranged whereby 226 participants […]

This study analyzes online customer reviews in order to investigate customers’ preferences regarding cosmetic products. Based on the marketing firm theory, this research explores the possibility of enhancing the bilateral contingent relationships between the customer and the marketing firm within the cosmetics domain. Hence, this study applies market‐search concepts by extracting customer reviews and employing […]

Internet of Things Applications in Healthcare: A Focus on Improving Patient Safety: A special issue of Journal of Healthcare Engineering Call for papers This special issue seeks to attract original research articles that discuss emerging IoT technologies with regard to their impact on patient safety in healthcare. This special issue especially welcomes analytical, computational, experimental, […]

Using the theory of the marketing firm, two articles that discuss how marketers in an organization can respond to behaviors resulting from co‐creational customer–customer exchanges. These two papers examine marketer and customer co‐creation processes within the context of bilateral contingencies. Fagerstrøm, A., Bendheim, L. M., Sigurdsson, V., Foxall, G. R., & Pawar, S. (2019). The […]

This article responds to a call for research on the context-specific effects of human images in different online contexts. This study investigates how inherent facial expressions in a consultant’s profile image influence the likelihood to contact tendency of small business-to-business website visitors. The results from a conjoint study (n = 67) demonstrate that a consultant’s […]

Companies have adopted and used social media channels for collaboration and engagement with potential customers, customer dialog management, and, creation of user communities for the customer support and co-creation. This study aims to expand understanding of social business processes for co-creation in the service industry. Findings from a case study showed that the banking and […]

This study aims to investigate the influence of a male and female sellers ́ profile image and its expressions on the choices made by the peer user within the context of peer-to-peer accommodation rental. We arranged a scenario in which participants evaluated their likelihood to rent an apartment on Airbnb. Results of the conjoint study […]

Health, Technology, and Behavior Science: A special issue of Perspectives on Behavior Science edited by Valdimar Sigurdsson, Asle Fagerstrøm, and Gordon R. Foxall Call for Papers The special issue on health and technology is intended to provide timely reviews of research programs that integrate technological innovations and behavior analysis. Conceptual, review, empirical, methodological, and practical […]

This research investigated public sector websites in Norway by focusing on municipalities. Norway consists of 422 municipalities each of which has its own website. To help inform the increasing investments and use of technologies within eGovernment, this study focused on young people’s perceptions of municipality websites. Today’s young people constitute a key user group in […]