About us

The aim of this research group is to use behavioral science, technology and design to demonstrate differences in society. The goal is to better describe, understand and predict digital behavior. Our research is based on behavioral science, behavioral economics and economic psychology. The Behavior and Technology Lab is a collaboration between behavioral researchers at Kristiania University College (Department of Technology) and other international behavioral researchers, bringing together experts in behavioral science, technology and design.

Tools that we use

Researchers at the Behavior and Technology Lab have access, knowledge, and skills to use the following technology and software:

    • Eye tracker: Tobii
    • Galvanic skin response: Shimmer
    • Design and administrate eye tracking study: iMotions
    • Design and administrate experiments: MediaLab
    • Online Survey: SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics
    • Analyze data: Microsoft Excel and SPSS

Find us

Kristiania University College
Department of Technology
Christian Krohgs gate 32
0186 Oslo