About us

The Behavior & Technology Lab conducts empirical studies within behavioral science, technology and design to demonstrate changes in society and organisations. The mission is to influence the impact of digital innovation on the individual, society and organisations in a positive way. The lab contributes to the body of knowledge of several domains, including digital marketing, digital business, human-computer interaction and user well-being. In particular, the lab elaborates on technological innovations and advancements while highlighting human actors in the midst of these environments.

Tools that we use

Researchers at the Behavior & Technology Lab have access, knowledge, and skills to use the following technology and software:

– Eye tracker: Smart Eye AI-X and Tobii Glasses
– Galvanic skin response: Shimmer
– Design and administrate eye tracking study: iMotions
– Design and administrate experiments: MediaLab
– Online Survey: Qualtrics
– Conjoint analysis: Sawtooth Software
– Analyze data: Microsoft Excel, SPSS and R

Find us

Kristiania University College
School of Economics, Innovation and Technology
Prinsens gate 7-9
0152 Oslo