Healthy food labels are a widely used form of intervention that nudges consumers towards healthier choices. This study investigates the relative importance of healthy food labels on the consumers’ online choice of grocery. A conjoint study (n=111) shows thatprice, brand, and country of origin had a relatively higher impact on choice than health food labels. However, it is important to note that consumers are not completely indifferent to the presence of a healthy food label and it increases chances of a product being chosen online. The results also demonstrate gender differences, as healthy food labels had a stronger impact on female consumers. Thus, opportunities exist to improve the impact of healthy food labels on food choice. It is evident that simply presenting healthy food labels on products is equally beneficial for consumers, manufacturers, and policymakers alike.

Fagerstrøm, A., Richartz, P., Pawar, S., Larsen, N. M., Sigurdsson, V., & Eriksson, N. (2019). The relative importance of healthy food labels when shopping for groceries online. Procedia Computer Science, 164, 538-545.